Frequently Asked Questions

To my main creation – pencil drawings – I do use simple pencils, mainly mechanical, they are available many sizes,1mm-0.2mm. I love working with them. they bring precision. Sometimes I would do regular wooden pencils from 2H to 6B to create either softer or much deeper shade. Drawing on white smooth, thick paper, grid paper, Bristol sometimes.

To my paintings, I use oil paints. Trials with acrylics happened, although at the moment oils will be my choice. Painting board varies depending on the project, but mainly I use MDF panels, wood or canvas only sometimes. For oils, I also need such ingredients as white spirit (odourless preferably) and white gesso for priming, brushes all kinds, both: natural and synthetic make, ivory filberts.

I am very careful with my artwork for it over the whole progress to remain clean till the very final touch however let’s say pencil is a very ‘catchy’ friend to all fingers and sleeves and sometimes it does travel within the portrait. Since charcoal transfer is not needed everywhere and I almost don’t use the rubber, for portrait not to look messy, I scan my final drawings then clean up the smudges to achieve a crisper look. I would slight use Adobe Lightbox on my PC for gentle improvement.

I am a self-taught artist. I’ve begun from a very young age and much of what I’ve learned came from my interaction and appreciation of great art. My first lessons gave me my talented mum, then I developed my techniques over the years of self trials. No Art School background, only University of Gdansk, Faculty of Journalism instead.

Each of my art work takes long time. Since I don’t have art school in my background I know no tips to make it quicker. I get better with the experience though however still believe that work develop as much as it takes to develop to it’s bear fruit, best stage. I simply don’t rush. Time will vary depending on many aspects, such as technique, subject, difficulty or if it’s a personal expectation if it is commissioned piece for a client. Roughly 120+ hours in total.

Although it does pull me away from artistic work I do sacrifice some of my working hours to connect with outside world and to do so I am using Instagram and Facebook. They are both under constant improvement although working pretty good for my contacts and showcasing progress of art piece or how it is connected to my present life. By publishing a photo you saying much sometimes and it very often creates whole story.

I do. They will be originals, limited edition reproductions, as well as commissioned work, however as my goal is to progress on available offer of my art to public so the last option might be limited for me to accept at the moment.

Yes, I strongly believe that I’m living proof that if you trust and work hard enough you can finally turn your passion into reality. Dream Big. Reach High. Create Your World.

I can, they are priced the same as humans. They are precious.

I can, anything is possible, however, it would take relatively more time. With available technology for me, it is better to create smaller art pieces and then make them printed much bigger. The fact is that I am known of great care and finish of the smallest possible details and that is why when I produce prints larger they do not lose any detail. It is better to draw smaller and make it bigger than take much longer time drawing large size and print it little when need.